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Hiii everyone, welcome to the ‘Secret Cooking Blog.’ Where I will be sharing my own recipe’s and top tips, I will also be talking and sharing about the latest info on the world of Catering and Cooking! But mainly I or hopefully ‘WE’ will be talking about anything food related! You know just general chit chat:)

Why I have started the blog- I started the Secret Cooking Blog, because I have a dream  no a goal to own my very own restaurant when I’m older! I hope by creating this blog I can get as much information from you guys as possible such as: what types of food you like, what you expect from a good quality restaurant? You’re top tips in making the most perfect, mouth watering…. I don’t know Blueberry muffin? So when you all come to my restaurant it should be perfect for you guys!

Plus me being only 15 years old, I will gain so much knowledge from creating this blog, constantly keeping up to date with the world of food and learning from your tips. I hope I can help you all as much as possible and teach you knew recipes and lots more food related stuff! I will be creating a twitter page soon! So please give me a follow!
P.S- If you have made a fancy looking cake or a beautiful looking cocktail anything which you are proud of and it looks good, just send it to me via email – secretcookingblog@gmail.com and I may put it on the Blog! Bye for now. 🙂secret cooking blog logo

Why did I set up the Secret Cooking Blog?

I set up the Secret Cooking Blog because, I have a huge passion about food! And so does everyone in my family! Especially my sisters to them food is life!
I love cooking and baking so much! I always have since I was a kid, I remember baking my first batch of fairy cakes when i was 9, and seeing the look on my mum and sister’s face when they had that first bite was amazing it was like I added a small potion of ‘Happiness’ into the cakes!
Ever since then I was always getting told by friends and family to bake something! So I carried on experimenting and just baking, but most importantly it made me Happy when I was cooking or Baking, and even more happy seeing the positive expressions and looks on peoples faces when they would have that first bite!
I just and still do think its amazing that I can make people happy with my food what I make!
Anyway, I am 15 now! And I kept getting told by a few close ones that I should set up a blog and how much it will help in my ‘Cooking Career.’ I didn’t set it up for a few Months as I couldn’t come up with a name! But the right one came up eventually!:)

I hope this blog will help me with my goal! Of owning my own restaurant when I’m older! I will be learning lots of new tips and so will you!
We will all be having lots of discussions about anything in the Catering world or whatever you want! If you want to share your recipe just give me a email and I will post it on the Blog!
I post a new recipe each day on the blog!

Right I’m off now! Preparing todays  Recipe of the day!
Bye for now!


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