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Lucy Bee – Coconut Oil

Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Fair Trade Organic Raw Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is a popular store cupboard staple and for good reason. It has so many uses both for cooking and as a natural beauty product.

Which Should I Choose?

You’ll find different qualities of coconut oil and the difference depends on the raw materials used and the extraction method used.

Lucy Bee

Lucy Bee coconut oil is as close to natural as it can be. It’s an unrefined oil that is extracted from fresh coconuts from the Philippines and the Solomon Islands with a pleasant coconut aroma – some oils are processed to have the aroma removed but they believe in keeping things in their natural state.

How to Use Lucy Bee in Cooking

  • Frying – perfect to fry all foods from eggs, to fish, to vegetables to meat
  • Roasting – Lucy Bee can be smeared over meat or chicken then roasted or melt a tablespoon to toss over sweet potatoes or vegetables
  • Baking – our coconut oil makes a wonderful, healthy alternative to butter in baking recipes. You only need about ¾ of the amount that’s quoted for butter and you can, also, reduce the sugar in the recipe too. So your cakes still taste great but are healthier!

    Keep and eye out for all the new exciting and tasty recipes which include Lucy Bee Coconut oil!
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