Hiii everyone, welcome to the ‘Secret Cooking Blog.’ Where I will be sharing my own recipe’s and top tips, I will also be talking and sharing about the latest info on the world of Catering and Cooking! But mainly I or hopefully ‘WE’ will be talking about anything food related! You know just general chit chat:)

Why I have started the blog- I started the Secret Cooking Blog, because I have a dream  no a goal to own my very own restaurant when I’m older! I hope by creating this blog I can get as much information from you guys as possible such as: what types of food you like, what you expect from a good quality restaurant? You’re top tips in making the most perfect, mouth watering…. I don’t know Blueberry muffin? So when you all come to my restaurant it should be perfect for you guys!

Plus me being only 15 years old, I will gain so much knowledge from creating this blog, constantly keeping up to date with the world of food and learning from your tips. I hope I can help you all as much as possible and teach you knew recipes and lots more food related stuff! I will be creating a twitter page soon! So please give me a follow!
P.S- If you have made a fancy looking cake or a beautiful looking cocktail anything which you are proud of and it looks good, just send it to me via email – secretcookingblog@gmail.com and I may put it on the Blog! Bye for now. 🙂secret cooking blog logo